“A chef becomes an artist when he has things to say through his meals, like a painter in a painting.” Joan Miró

The restaurant

Author’s cuisine at the end of the world.

Kalma Resto is a place where the cooking expresses the richness of the land and our love for this profession.

The idea

The sum of experiences in the professional cooking, the desire to bring the personal touch to a project that reflects a whole way of doing, thinking and being into the world of gastronomy. Thus arose Kalma Resto, by Jorge Monopoli. An articulation of knowledge that is more than the sum of its parts.

Our cuisine

Kalma’s heart. A fusion cuisine of the chef’s selected ones and typical regional flavors of Patagonia. You can feel the presence of Mediterranean background, some Peruvian and techno-emotional cooking, and in the center of all this, the local product. Take care of it, respect it, discover it.

The place

Kalma is calm, it's intimate. A small space, just 24 seats, personal attention, varied accompanying music. The goal, getting beyond what is strictly gastronomic, generating experiences.

About us

We like to think and work as a team. A small group of people very passionate about cooking who like to eat well and cook equally good, who enjoy wines and music. Lovers of Patagonia.

"First, a constant source of fire is necessary. In addition, a constant supply of boiling water. After, a soil that is forever clean. Also apparatus for cleaning, grinding, slicing, peeling and cutting. And music, because men work better and more happily where there is music." (In “Notes of Leonardo Davinci Kitchen”)


Something about us through the voice of the ones who knew us.

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